Who Competes


In a word, everybody. IDPA membership and matches are open to all people who can legally own a handgun, regardless of occupation, race, gender or religion. IDPA members come from all walks of life and represent all skill levels within the shooting sports.


When not impacted by weather, most IDPA clubs run matches year round and these events are open to IDPA all members, although space sometimes limits the total number of shooters competing. Clubs across America list their regular weekly or monthly matches along with registration and contact information. IDPA’s major matches, such as state, regional and national championships, make up the main IDPA competition calendar and many members schedule vacation and time off in order to attend these events. The popularity and growing demand for major IDPA matches can sometimes make entry into these events difficult, so interested shooters are encouraged to plan ahead. Find an IDPA Match.

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To help keep IDPA members up to speed on rules changes, match results and product news, IDPA publishes The Tactical Journal, the official quarterly magazine of the International Defensive Pistol Assn. In addition to The Tactical Journal, IDPA also provides regular news and updates on the organizations official blog, the Down Zero Blog. Explore IDPA News.


The IDPA Community
The IDPA community is made up of shooters like you who are looking to test and improve their skills through the structure of competition. While time and accuracy measure a shooters skill, it’s the fun and excitement of spending the day on the range with other like-minded individuals that is the true reflection of the IDPA community.

Each weekend, ranges all around the country are hosting IDPA competitions where friends gather to do more than just shoot a match. By shooting together, IDPA members help one another improve their shooting skills and form close bonds of friendship that often span the globe and last for years. We invite you to join the IDPA Community.

Most IDPA competitors are members of a local IDPA club, and there are more than 300 affiliated IDPA clubs around the country. Every weekend you’ll find a weekly, monthly, regional or championship match taking place at one of these clubs.

Finding a club and getting started in IDPA competition is easy, and as an IDPA member you’re always welcome at any IDPA club. Think of IDPA clubs as your home away from home, well, your shooting home anyway. Find an IDPA Club.

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