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Dec 06, 2019

Range Rod tools back in stock!

We sold the last batch in about a week, but we now have them back in stock! SPDTool Range ...

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When I first starting shooting IDPA 3 years ago, I had no idea I would forge lifelong friendships and learn from the best shooters in the world. It has been an emotional ride filled with character building moments. I owe all of my success to everyone I've met on the range. I look forward to many more years of competition and fellowship.

Jason Miyashiro

I never dreamed I would be competitive in anything, much less a shooting sport. When I became licensed to carry, my husband John, insisted that I train before I started actually carrying a firearm. I found a female instructor to work with me and once I started hitting bullseye, I was hooked and wanted more. I quickly became bored just standing shooting at a target. John took me to my first IDPA match and I fell in love. John, my son Ashton, and I all started shooting IDPA together as a family. The things I love most about IDPA are: it's a sport I can shoot with my family, all the wonderful people I have met while shooting IDPA, and the confidence it has given me. This year I was bumped to Expert so now it's a race with my husband on who will be the next Master, since Ashton has already beat us both!

Memarie Lawrence

I joined IDPA in 2014 with one goal in mind: Feel more confident when I carry a concealed weapon. After spending 22.5 years in the Navy and two combat deployments I felt I was ok with a pistol, but quickly found out I had so much more to learn. What started out as a loose hobby for me has turned into a passion. I quickly volunteered at two local clubs, and I am now the Assistant Match Director at both clubs and a qualified CSO. I've now competed in matches in 15 different states and made life long friends along the way. IDPA has allowed me to travel to new places and meet new people, talking about shooting sports and promoting 2nd Amendment rights along the way.

Aaron Brulc

I think the thing I enjoy most about shooting IDPA is the people I've met. I've made some new friends, and reconnected with some old friends that I had no idea were shooting sports enthusiasts. Practically everyone I've met has been willing to help me along the way, regardless of whether I'm shooting my local match, or shooting a Major with 250 other people. Even the people that I'm trying to "beat" will sit at the back of the bay and compare notes about how best to shoot a stage.

Ben Hardt

I enjoy shooting IDPA because it's a unique opportunity to build skills under pressure. IDPA has also helped me to really find the right pistols for myself for both carry and competition, instead of just going with what I thought I liked in the store. It's made me a more skilled and confident shooter, and along the way I've made some amazing friends.

Chris Schmied

I was originally drawn to IDPA at an affiliated club in my area. I was always interested in the skill of SAFE high speed pistol shooting and gun handling. As an athlete, my traditional sports faded away and IDPA filled my competitive urge along with feeding my long time interest in action shooting. After many years of competing, I have found other benefits of IDPA. I use the sport to introduce others to competitive handgun shooting. With the rapidly increasing numbers of responsible Americans purchasing handguns for protection, most remain casual gun owners/shooters. IDPA is an easy pathway to graduate from a casual shooter into a more proficient and safer gun owner. Plus, everyone finds it a lot more fun than static target shooting. A purchase of a handgun provides virtually all equipment needed to shoot a match, so it's easy to get started. IDPA flourishes at the local club level and I utilize the general stress free environment of IDPA club matches to introduce casual gun owners to the world of competitive action shooting. Many get hooked, and in the process, we have more responsible, skilled, and safer gun owners. Finally, I have made many solid friendships around the US and globally through my travels competing in IDPA.

Mike Alexander

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Join a community of shooters to learn, grow and most importantly have fun. Compete with friends, and make new ones through your local club. Learn more about IDPA membership.


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Dec 06, 2019

Range Rod tools back in stock!

We sold the last batch in about a week, but we now have them back in stock! SPDTool Range Rod is now back in stock in black, red, and blue! Click here to start shopping!

Dec 05, 2019

IDPA Stocking Stuffers

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Nov 28, 2019

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Nov 21, 2019

IDPA Gun Test Boxes

We now have the new IDPA Gun Test Boxes in stock! We have completely redesigned the Official IDPA Gun Test box to  include Carry Optics and to be more durable. Included are three sets of boxes that nest together for easy storage. A straight edge can be used to make sure the gun rests completely inside. No inserts are needed because each box is machined to be in tolerance of the IDPA rules for the divisions that the boxes represent.  Click here to purchase a set.

Nov 11, 2019

Accuracy X Team shooter is most accurate at IDPA World Championships

For Immediate Release Geoff Heath, from Folsom CA, earned the title of most accurate shooter during the recent 2019 International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) World Championships. Heath, (age 40) used his PRO Series Custom 1911 from Accuracy X, to out perform competition from all over the world earning the most accurate award. The “ Worlds” are an intense competition that span several days with over 15 different stages, Heath competed in the Enhanced Service Pistol (ESP) category and bested the nearly 500 other competitors from several countries to bring home this impressive win. “The worlds best practical shooters come to the World Championships and Geoff and his PRO Series Custom 1911 came out on top. That is quite an accomplishment. Accuracy X, Inc. is thrilled to have Geoff as a member of our Accuracy X professional shooting team and we are proud of his outstanding performance at the 2019 World Championships. ” said Steve Huff, President of Accuracy X, Inc. About Accuracy X, Inc. Accuracy X, Inc., is the builder of the worlds proven most accurate custom 1911s, and precision bolt rifles. Accuracy X is also the creator of the patented and revolutionary Multi-Sight™ system and maker of the highest quality 1911 parts and accessories. Accuracy X focuses on innovation and proven performance. Accuracy X is world renowned for our video accuracy tests which document the phenomenal accuracy and performance of our products. Accuracy X products have won a multitude of National Championships and events across many disciplines, and have been used to set numerous National Records. 100% USA owned and operated, Accuracy X exclusively uses only USA made parts, materials and labor. Based in Virginia, Accuracy X is an ardent support of Second Amendment rights and the competitive shooting sports. Visit for more information

Oct 28, 2019

IDPA Headquarters announces new CSO exam

CSO Exam IDPA Headquarters is announcing the deployment of a Chief Safety Officer (CSO) recertification exam, which will take effect in January of 2020. Beginning Oct. 28, 2019, no new CSOs will be appointed until after the new exam is deployed. Prerequisites to become a CSO are listed in the Match Administration Rules document, and candidates must also complete an application with the recommendation of an SOI and/or Club Contact that has been approved by the Area Coordinator/IPOC. The recertification test will consist of 30 questions with a score of at least 80% correct to pass. Two attempts at the test are allowed per calendar year. This is a specially developed test with situational questions that are specific to running T3 or higher matches. This recertification exam will go into effect for new CSOs in January of 2020 and on the recertification expiration date for existing CSOs. Please note that CSO and SO expiration dates are the same and are listed on your IDPA Dashboard in the Roles area. In the next few months, ACs and IPOCs will be reviewing the history of matches worked by current CSOs. CSOs found out of compliance will be assigned SO status. Once a member becomes a CSO, they will have to maintain their status by participating in matches and taking the CSO recertification exam in lieu of the SO recert exam every two years. ACs and IPOCs have the ability to rescind CSO status based on infractions or other issues. For more information or questions, please refer to your Area Coordinator (AC) or International Point of Contact (IPOC).

Oct 10, 2019

IDPA Headquarters Closed Oct. 10 - Oct. 29

IDPA Headquarters is closed from Oct. 14 - Oct. 29 for the 2019 SIG SAUER PCC Nationals and 2019 SIG SAUER World Championship. If you have a question regarding rules, matches or equipment, please contact your Area Coordinator or International Point of Contact. For all other questions, please use the Contact Us area at and we will respond to your ticket when the office reopens. Thank you.

Sep 11, 2019

Great news for SOs!

IDPA Headquarters is happy to announce that the process for new certified Safety Officers to receive their certificates has just gotten even easier! Beginning Oct. 1, 2019, each Safety Officer Instructor will digitally submit the data for their class to IDPA HQ. In addition, the SOI will mark the passing member as an SO and the new SO can now print their certificate from their Dashboard on the website ( No pre-printed certificates will be mailed after Oct. 1, 2019.

Aug 12, 2019

Team Competition Cancelled

A few months ago, IDPA Headquarters announced a Team Competition as part of the 2019 SIG SAUER IDPA World Championship. The more than 700 shooters who pre-registered for the match far exceeded our expectations and we are unable to accommodate every member. With this record-setting demand, several countries are unable to field a full team. Rather than put these members at a disadvantage, HQ has elected to cancel the team competition for this year. Thank you for your understanding.

Aug 01, 2019

Technical Issue with Wait Listed Shooters for the 2019 SIG SAUER World Championship and PCC Nationals

IDPA had technical difficulty this morning, Thursday, Aug. 1st, which caused all waitlist participants to be approved. We resolved the issue as quickly as possible. If you see that you have been withdrawn from the match, please note that this just means you are still on the waitlist. We will still be pulling from the waitlist based on total points. If you made a payment this morning we have refunded it back to you. We apologize for the confusion and inconvenience. Thank you, IDPA HQ

Jul 30, 2019

IMPORTANT INFO Regarding the 2019 IDPA SIG SAUER World Championship & PCC Nationals

IDPA Headquarters is getting very excited about the upcoming 2019 IDPA SIG SAUER World Championship and the inaugural 2019 IDPA SIG SAUER PCC National Championship in Talladega, AL. As part of their commitment to safety, the CMP Range requires that each person attending the match watch a short safety video and get a notarized safety pass to be on any part of the range. Any guest, vendor or shooter who does not have their card with them will be escorted from the range. For those of you with a confirmed spot in the match(es), please take note of the hours that you will be able to get your pass. You must have proof of identification (driver’s license or passport). If you do not have your pass by the start of your scheduled match, you will not be able to shoot. Shooter’s bags can be retrieved at the clubhouse when you register and watch the 15-minute video. We look forward to seeing all of you in Talladega! Wed., 10/16/19 8 AM - 5 PM Central (staff only) Thurs., 10/17/19 11 AM - 5 PM Central (staff only) Fri., 10/18/19 9 AM - 7 PM Central (staff only) Sat., 10/19/19 10 AM - 7 PM Central (staff only) Sun., 10/20/19 11 AM - 7 PM Central (staff only) Mon., 10/21/19 Noon - 7 PM Central *(All PCC shooters must acquire cards by this time)* Tues., 10/22/19 Noon - 7 PM Central Wed., 10/23/19 11 AM - 5 PM Central Thurs., 10/24/19 11 AM - 5 PM Central Fri., 10/25/19 9 AM - 7 PM Central Sat., 10/25/19 9 AM - 7 PM Central

Jul 15, 2019

Division Changes for the World Championship

This year, for the first time ever, shooters will be able to update or change their division through the end of the registration/squadding period via Practiscore. Once squadding is locked,at 12AM Central, July 31, for those that were approved to shoot the match, no further changes will be allowed.

Jul 11, 2019

Updated Version of the Match Administration Rules

An updated version of the Match Administration Rules has been uploaded to the IDPA website. This version contains formatting changes but no verbiage or rules changes.

Jun 27, 2019

Updated version of Match Administration Rules

An updated version of the Match Administration Rules is now uploaded on the website. You may notice some minor corrections in spelling or numbering, small changes, and some finessing of the Match Registration Process.
You can view the Match Administration Rules here.

Jun 19, 2019

New t-shirt added to the Proshop!

We have a limited run of this "Land of the Free...Because of the Brave" t-shirt in stock now.  This will be the only run of these t-shirts, get yours now before supplies run out! This is a Gildan DryBlend 50% Cotton/50% Polyester t-shirt in Navy Blue.  The IDPA logo is placed between the shoulders on the back of the tee. To order yours click here.

Jun 05, 2019

World Championship and PCC Nationals Registration

Registration for the 2019 World Championship and PCC National Championship will open on June 10, 2019 at 9AM Central. All registration will be done online. For more information about the World Championship click here. For more information about the PCC National Championship click here.

May 24, 2019

IDPA HQ Closed Memorial Day

IDPA HQ will be closed on Memorial Day, May 27, and will resume regular hours on Tuesday, May 28.

Apr 15, 2019

IDPA MD-CSO Handbook V.2019.2 now available

An updated version of the Match Director/Chief Safety Officer Handbook has been published.  IDPA MD-CSO Handbook V.2019.2 will appear on the Downloads section of every member's Dashboard.

Apr 09, 2019

Southern Region PCC/CO Championship

Want to shoot in a PCC/CO only match?  Click HERE for more information on how to get register!  

Apr 02, 2019

IDPA Classification Updates Announced

As IDPA has continued to add divisions based on member requests, we recognized the need to simplify our Classification rules for the benefit of our Area Coordinators, International Points of Contact, Match Directors and members.  You, our members, have told us that Universal classification has put many shooters at a disadvantage by forcing them to shoot in a higher class than their skill level warrants. Effective Jan. 1, 2020, Universal classifications will be removed from all member records.   After that time, a member who has not obtained the classification of Master or Distinguished Master in that specific division who cares to compete in a sanctioned match, will be required to have shot a classifier during the previous 12-month timeframe.  This information must be in their official profile online, for the same division they are competing in before being eligible to shoot the match. As of 1/1/2020, members must have a classifier or match bump based classification in the division in which they wish to shoot in order to compete in a sanctioned event. Between now and Jan. 1, 2020, the Universal Classification system will continue to be used.  Members are encouraged to shoot classifiers in the divisions they will compete in during 2020. Equity promotion rules will remain in effect.  That is, when a shooter shoots a classifier at a level, then other divisions can be at most one level lower.  Match bumps will still only affect that single division.  If a shooter is an Expert in SSP, he will be considered at least a Sharpshooter in all other semi-auto divisions, including CO.   REV, BUG and PCC do not use equity promotions.  In order to compete in sanctioned matches, the shooter must have a current classification in the division in which he is shooting. With this announcement and effective immediately, like BUG division, PCC will be official but as an optional division.  While no longer provisional, PCC is not a required division and may be offered at the discretion of the Match Director.  Our newest division, Carry Optics (CO) is required to be offered at all matches just like the other semi-auto divisions. Also effective immediately, equity promotions will affect and be affected by Carry Optics (CO). Additionally, the Classification rules will be moved from the IDPA Rulebook to the Match Administration Guide.  Printed rulebooks from Headquarters will include a notation that Section 9 has been superseded by the updates in the Match Administration Guide on the IDPA website.  The current Rulebook, Match Administration Guide and classification brackets can be found on the website at These changes will allow our shooters to compete at the appropriate level and enjoy a rulebook that is simplified and easier to understand.  If you have questions about these changes, please contact your Area Coordinator or your International Point of Contact.