Why Sponsor an IDPA Match?

Sponsoring a sanctioned IDPA match puts your brand in front of the fastest growing and most active shooting sports community.
Whether you’re targeting the competitive pistol shooter or the concealed carry permit holder, partnering with IDPA as a sponsor helps put your products and services into the right hands.

Event Sponsorship lets companies put their products and services before shooters that may not have had the opportunity to see and experience them before.
“Sponsoring IDPA events has been a great investment for us. We get our name and products in front of active, in-market consumers. Priceless”
– Jeff ThomsonJimmy Talbot, Spingfield, OH
“Being a sponsor for IDPA has done great things for our visibility and sales. We are placed in front of active competitors, which is priceless.”
– John R. Donaldson, Smith & Wesson


IDPA members are among the most active competitors and have a proven track record of supporting those brands that are supporting the sport. Sponsor an IDPA match and build your brand in the fastest growing shooting sport in America.

Thank you to our sponsors.


Thank you for your consideration of support. We look forward to receiving your completed application.

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