Advertise With IDPA

IDPA’s 25,000+ members aren’t simply among the most active shooting sports competitors but also among the most influential.

The brands and gear they count on for competition on the range and often the same brands and gear they count on off the range for their personal protection. And at clubs around the country and across the globe, members take note of what IDPA shooters are using. Advertise with IDPA and build your brand with this important market segment.

IDPA Advertising Options

IDPA offers several advertising opportunities to help you build your brand with the most dedicated, active and influential competition shooters in the shooting sports. Let us help your company grow its presence in the shooting sports market.

Tactical Journal

The Tactical Journal is IDPA’s quarterly magazine and comes free with an IDPA members. Advertise in The Tactical Journal and tap into the buying power of over 25,000 IDPA members.

Online Advertising and IDPA’s Down Zero blog are the cornerstone of the IDPA online community. This is where IDPA members come for the latest news, match announcements and match results. Advertise online with IDPA and put your brand at the fingertips of our 22,000+ members.

Sponsor National Matches

IDPA’s national championships are the marquee matches on the IDPA competition calendar. As the showcase for the sports top competitors, our national championships generate extensive coverage in magazines, on television and online, extending a sponsors brand reach well beyond the range.


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