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IDPA Area Coordinator Changes in the US Southwest

Bill Barron from Goodyear, AZ, will resign as Area Coordinator effective July 1, 2020.  A member of the Phoenix Rod and Gun in Phoenix, AZ, Bill started shooting IDPA in 2003 as, “IDPA looked like a fun way to shoot pistols and become more proficient with one.”

Bill has served as the AC for AZ for 10 years and for Nevada and Utah for 3 years.  “During my tenure I have been able to get shooters from other games to crossover and shoot IDPA . I saw Hell freeze over when Rio Salado, one of the most prominent USPSA clubs, become an IDPA club. My area has some of the best Match Directors and runs some of the best matches in the country.”

Barron says, “I will continue to shoot IDPA, along with many other shooting sports, after stepping down. I would like to thank all the people in my area that have made the past 10 years enjoyable.”

Kevin Martinez will become the IDPA Area Coordinator for NM, AZ, UT and NV effective July 1, 2020. Martinez has been competing in IDPA for 9 years. “I started out in Los Alamos New Mexico, and now I’m just down the road as the MD for Zero Down. For a few years now I’ve been the State Coordinator for NM, and I’m so grateful to have such a great group of shooters here in NM.”

What attracted him to the sport?  “When I first got my CCL I was invited to my first IDPA match, everyone was friendly and helped me along the way. The shooters keep me coming back and wanting more.”  Martinez is ex cited about this new challenge.  “I’ve traveled a lot for matches and I still get the same welcome and the people are always friendly. I’m very blessed to work with some amazing people here in the southwest and I can’t wait to meet everyone I can.”


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