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IDPA 2020 National Championship Postal Match

IDPA Headquarters is excited to announce the IDPA 2020 National Championship Postal Match.  This match will include six stages and IDPA members may choose one division in which to shoot for score.  The match will begin on August 1st and scores will be accepted until midnight, Oct. 30th.  This match will earn each valid participant two points toward the 2021 National Championship.  Divisions will include SSP, ESP, CCP, CDP, CO, BUG, REVOLVER and PCC.

A stage-by-stage equipment list will be published so that Match Directors can ensure they have everything they need for set up.  Stages for the match will be released prior to August 1st along with set up videos and dimensions for each stage.  The match can be run by affiliated clubs in good standing that are held as a club event and must be administered and run by certified CSOs and SOs.

Please note that scores can be submitted once for each participant.  If scores are submitted more than once for any shooter, all scores for that shooter will be deleted and that shooter will not be represented in the match.  This match is not eligible for match bumps  and will not advance a member’s date of classification for participating.

Registration will be through any means/product the local MD prefers.  The Match Fee is a minimum of $50 per competitor, of which $25 per competitor will be paid to IDPA HQ for awards, mailing and infrastructure costs, and the remainder will stay with the presenting club.  MDs will be responsible for uploading scores to the IDPA website.  Once uploaded, an invoice will be sent to the MD and, when paid, the scores will appear online.

Competitors must have a current membership and classification in the division in which they are competing on the last day of competition for their score to appear in the final scores.  Scores of members who do not meet this criteria will be stripped from the results.

We are happy to offer you this opportunity to compare your talents to shooters all over the world.


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