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A quick match director’s update on the 2018 IDPA National Championships.

On behalf of AMD’s Nicky, & Dede, RangeMaster Seth and myself here are a few updates:

Last week the notifications were sent out to those that submitted an application to staff the event. We are grateful to all those who applied. It was a difficult lengthy few meetings to fill all the positions needed and unfortunately there were more applicants than positions. Again, thank you everyone, this sport would not happen without your dedicated support at all levels.

The stages have been drafted, reviewed, reviewed, changed, reviewed…. You get the point. I’m happy to report that we’ve completed the process and have made our list of items that need built, purchased or brought to the event. They are going to be challenging and we believe well balanced. Seth Hayden has done an amazing job and set a new standard for the presentation process at the national level. JOB WELL done. 

Mr. Rick Lund, (Area Coordinator for FL) will be running the Pistol Caliber Carbine four stage side match. Don’t worry about bringing your gear just yet as IDPA is working on securing sponsorships for both guns and ammunition. I encourage everyone to plan either an extra day or one of your half days to participate in this side match. If you are a club contact or match director participation is a must so you can return home with additional knowledge and skillsets to host PCC locally.

Warm-up stages, there will be two of them. Thursday all day shooters will shoot them back to back and the Fri/Sat shooters will shoot one each day at the start of the event. I’ll give you some hints in the next update in the coming months so keep an eye out for them.


Chad Barber
Match Director, 2018 IDPA National Championships



To find out more about the 2018 IDPA National Championship you can visit the match link here.


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