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A letter to our Membership

Obviously the Florida school shooting was a tragedy beyond anything most of us can ever comprehend — the pain and suffering of victims and survivors unimaginable. The media and the left are now forcing a situation that is quickly becoming intolerable for not only firearms owners, but anyone who cares about constitutional rights or their own right to safety and security. As you all know, it’s not about the type of firearm used, the minimum age for gun ownership, the NRA or the member discounts they provided; it’s about our god given rights being infringed upon! The liberals of the left aided by their main stream media puppets will NOT stop until ALL firearms are banned! 

Like many of you that just want to be left alone to live your lives as you wish I have never been one to write letters to politicians or companies unless I had extremely bad service or very specific problems. I was never very good at being the “squeaky wheel.” That will now change! I encourage every one of our members and friends to do the same. What we’re seeing now is a complete loss of responsibility and morality promoted by the left and their media lap dogs. If we don’t let our politicians and these companies know that we will not be infringed, we will see the end of gun ownership in our lifetime.  

Write to the companies that are now taking political stands that are against gun owners and the NRA. Write to your Senators, Congressmen and State Officials. Get your friends and neighbors involved. Let those opposed to the second amendment, gun ownership and the NRA hear our voices. We can no longer remain silent and let the left spread their anti-gun propaganda while we do nothing. We must be heard NOW and VERY loudly.  

They may have been boiling us slowly, but the water is getting pretty HOT now. It’s imperative that you take the time to make your voice heard. For yourself, your children, your grandchildren and all the future generations. The time to make your voice heard is NOW! 

Joyce Wilson 
Executive Director
International Defensive Pistol Association


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