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The Inaugural New Mexico IDPA Blue Line Pro Am

In response to increasing negative publicity and public opinion, we, the New Mexico Shooting Community wanted to stage a public event that showed solidarity and support for the citizens that are also defenders of the public at large.  The Inaugural New Mexico IDPA Blue Line Pro Am will be a benefit match that will allow civilians a chance to let our officers and soldiers know that we have their back, while participating in a sport we all love.

This core purpose of this match will be to further community relations, and display community support for our Military and Law Enforcement Agencies.   In addition all match proceeds will be donated to two local NM charities.  One that benefits Law Enforcement, and one that benefits Military.

We have obtained special permission to have a Pro Am, team component to the match.  Each competitor will shoot for an individual score, but will also have to option to participate in a two man team, one “pro” and one amateur.  We are identifying a pro as a member of military or law enforcement, active or retired, or a Master Class shooter.  Additional awards will be given for team performance. You do not have to participate in the Pro Am to participate in the match.
The match will consist of 12 stages.  Eight of the stages will be scenario based, two will be short drill stages that are based of LE Agency drills, and two will be standards. This match will be Tier 3.
The match will be conducted on a Friday and Saturday, one day format for shooters at Del Norte Gun Club in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.  The dates will be November 2 -3, 2018. SO and Staff shoot on Friday the 2nd and Competitors on Saturday the 3rd. 


To register for this event click here.

You can visit the match facebook page here.


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