Target Pasting Tape


Target Pasting Tape is a natural cardboard color and there are 60 yards of tape to a roll. They are made specifically for use with our cardboard Defensive Pistol Targets.

For a 10% discount on tape, order by the case. Call IDPA HQ at 870-545-3886 to order Target Pasting Tape by the case (48 rolls to the case) and get current shipping rates. One case of tape weighs 16 lbs. Cases of Target Pasting Tape are shipped via UPS ground. IDPA qualifies for Hundredweight shipping (minimum 200 lbs. required), which can save you between a quarter and a third on shipping. Order a combination of Paper Practice Targets, cardboard Defensive Pistol Targets, cases of tape, or cases of pasters to qualify for Hundredweight shipping. What you save on shipping you could put into targets, tape, or pasters. We recommend that clubs get together to place a large order to share in the savings.

When ordering less than case amounts of Target Pasting Tape, please order directly from here. Ordering case amounts from here can result in higher shipping costs.