Laser Ammo Advance Simulator Package


Normally $2,283, but only $2,054.70 for IDPA members!

Bring The Range to You! Compete with your adversary and train for your next IDPA competition on stages you can build yourself. 

Compete with your adversary and train for your next IDPA competition at home, on stages you can build yourself with an IR recoil enabled pistol, and your AR, with 100% safe environment.

With the upgraded competitor package, you are able to recreate a stage that you may have struggled with in the past or build a stage, like standards, in order to improve your next performance. With this package you will also have the ability to compete against a friend or family member with drills like the ‘Dueling Tree’.

Check the after-action review on the Open Range, or the stage highest score with the IPSC, making it easy to view your previous runs and see your improvement.

This package also includes the IPSC and Steel Challenge, that will allow you to work on stage set up, acquisition, transitions and much more, allowing you to practice and experience other competition segments.

Additional replacement magazines are included allowing you to practice your reloads.

(*) Flash bolt will be used with your PCC, with no recoil.

(**) Green Gas, windows computer, Projector and screen – are not included. Please check the specifications for the hardware:


(**) choose between different firearms options and between standard or short throw camera