IDPA Down Zero Practice Torso by Legion Targets


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The Legion IDPA Torso is the perfect training companion for IDPA shooters looking to improve speed and accuracy. This torso matches the official target profile of the IDPA silhouette with down one (-1) and down zero (-0) scoring areas. Training on steel targets provides immediate feedback for shooters. Each of the three zones of Legion Target has a distinct sound and motion when hit so shooters know when they’re on. Shooters save time and tape over cardboard, never needing to cross the firing line to reset for the next round.

Legion Targets are uniquely made with 100% AR500 steel, no mild steel, ANYWHERE. Everything from the base to the bracket to the target body is designed to last through every day at the range; pistol calibers at 10 yards, rifle up to .30 caliber past 100 yards. The patent-pending design uses no bolts or hardware providing a completely tool-free setup. The innovative bracket is fully height adjustable anywhere on the 2×4.

At checkout, use the code “IDPA10” for 10% off all Legion products and free shipping.