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Midwest Area Coordinator Transition

Joe Tyson, Area Coordinator of Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri, is retiring as AC effective October 1sth after nearly 8 years of service to the sport.
Joe has been shooting IDPA since 2008. “I wanted to become more proficient with a pistol. I was blown away by how competent some of the shooters were with regards to their gun handling skills.”
Tyson says, “I am most proud when I look around at all of the highly capable MDs, SOs, and shooters that have honed their skills in a program that I have helped nurture. It is very rewarding to know you have contributed to a program where there is a passion for safety, professionalism, and organization.” After he transitions his duties as AC, “I fully intend to continue competing in IDPA, 2-gun, and other competitive shooting sports, but locally with fewer travel commitments. The additional freedom will allow me to focus more on the development of my kids as shooting competitors and on their respective school sports and activities. It will also allow me to take on more responsibilities professionally.”
“I have given a lot to IDPA with regards to time and resources, but IDPA has given me back so much more! My time as AC has been an amazing opportunity to learn and grow. I have made lifelong friends and met really great people along the way. My priorities have shifted, but I still intend to be as active as I can in the local competitive shooting community.”
Mike Barrera from Michigan will be assuming the AC duties for the states of Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri effective Oct. 1st. He belongs to 4 clubs in SE Michigan, including Livingston Conservation and Sports Association, Livingston Gun Club, Brooklyn Sportsman’s Club and Tri-County Sportsmen’s Club. Barrera has been shooting IDPA for 14 years and served as an IDPA MD for 6 years before becoming the Michigan AC / SC for 4 years.
“My first experience with an “action shooting” sport was IDPA. I found the scenario-based courses of fire to be challenging, exciting, and fun. It certainly was much more exciting than slow fire shooting at an indoor range. I volunteered to help at a local IDPA club, and found everyone there to be friendly, and truly enjoy helping others get into the sport. That experience left an impression with me, and set me on a course of 14 years of competing at local, state and national level matches for both IDPA and USPSA, as well as being a Match Director, Safety Officer Instructor and working at several IDPA clubs in SE Michigan. Through these activities, I have established lasting friendships and met the nicest people.”
“COVID-19 has made this a challenging year for our sport. But there is still plenty to do in promoting IDPA, including running matches, conducting training, and bringing in new shooters! I have been honored to serve the Michigan IDPA clubs, and look forward to serving the other Mid-West states. In the past 2 years we have added the Hoosier Daddy and Tri-County Sportsmen’s Challenge to Michigan’s list of sanctioned matches (thereby doubling the number of sanctioned matches in Michigan). Michigan is an active IDPA state with at least 16 clubs. The Mid-West Area also includes Indiana, Kentucky, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, and I have shot several great matches in those states over the years. I plan on using web-tools to bring the SCs and MDs together to discuss issues throughout the year. I also started a new website which offers information about all the IDPA clubs in Michigan. It has been very useful for anybody looking for a club to shoot IDPA in Michigan. It may be useful to expand this website to serve the Mid-West Area.”
Mike is currently an Engineering Manager at General Motors in Milford, Michigan. “As well as shooting IDPA & USPSA, my other hobbies include cave and shipwreck diving, as well as flying. I am also back in school studying Japanese, so I hardly have a spare minute. Oh yes, I have that full-time job too. The journey isn’t over yet, and I look forward to meeting everybody on the range!”


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