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Message from RACLs about SSP

We have been answering many questions through our Area Coordinators in recent weeks, and in light of the fact that we are on the run-up for Nationals, with the 2022 rules in effect, this is a good opportunity for us to offer up some advice for members entering matches to compete in Stock Service Pistol.

Questions we have been receiving indicate the rules as issued have not been reviewed thoroughly prior to asking, or that members may be hoping for additional new rationale allowing them to modify their stock gun for competition in a way that materially changes the appearance of the gun from the time when it was purchased. In these cases, we refer to the OEM website SKU for comparisons. With the limited exceptions that are outlined in the Equipment Appendices section A1, if the firearm is not a match, the gun and shooter are ineligible for competing in SSP.

In the past, these instances were referred to the Match Director and the option to move the competitor to another division was an option.

This division now uses a 15-round division capacity so moving to a 10-round division to finish the match is no longer a viable option for a Match Director in cases where the discovery was made mid-match.

For this reason, it is prudent for us to remind everyone of the importance of carefully inspecting your gear when you prepare for a major match.

Once someone competes with 15-round magazines, moving to a 10-round division damages the competitive equity for the others the shooter would be competing against.

We recognize there are instances where this may not always mean someone is disqualified. An example may be if the equipment was completed before the member shot stages for a score. Or other cases where the MD declared 10 division capacity was required by law. These situations still offer an MD the option to allow the member to move to a legal division.

So in conclusion, we remind everyone that each shooter is responsible for the condition of their gear. Our experience hosting matches tells us it is good advice for all of us to check our gear before packing to head out to the range, so that your time competing is more rewarding.

Good luck competing,
Rick Lund & Brian Ehrler
Regional AC Leads


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