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Changes in Mid-Atlantic Area Coordinators Announced

page1image1347729120 Paul Jones will complete his tenure as the Area Coordinator (AC) for Eastern Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Delaware on Aug. 6, 2018. He beganshooting IDPA in 2008 and has been the AC since late 2014. “It was the organization, my friends and the participants that attracted me to IDPA.”

In addition, Paul has served the organization as the Scoring Wizard and is a key

component in the stats room for IDPA Nationals. His knowledge of PractiScore make him invaluable and he is often seen at other matches around the country mentoring others in those same skills.

When asked about his accomplishments as an AC, he lists the two dearest to his heart. “I havebrought some 100 certified Safety Officers into the IDPA fold. My largest single accomplishment is bringing PractiScore to IDPA as the official electronic scoring system inFebruary of 2017.”

After transitioning his duties as an AC , he says, “I look forward to continuing helping my localclubs run matches by working as staff and enjoy just shooting IDPA. I have enjoyed my short time as an IDPA Area Coordinator and have learned much from my many fellow Area Coordinators and the IDPA Headquarters staff. Everyone has been very supportive. I have come to appreciate the staff at IDPA and how capable they are of helping AC’s develop their area.”



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