Comp-Tac Twin Mag Pouch


One unique feature of the Comp-Tac Twin Mag Pouch is that each pouch is independently adjustable, eliminating the problem of one side being too loose and the other being too tight. Another feature is that your magazines will be the same space apart from each other every time you go to reload. Some shooters may find that this will help them become more consistent in their reloads.

All Comp-Tac Twin Mag Pouches currently in stock are:

  • For right handed shooters (left side carry)
  • For a 1 1/2″ wide belt
  • Black
  • Belt Clip

NOTE: Comp-Tac makes the mag pouches to hold magazines with BULLETS FACING FORWARD. If you want to have the bullets face backwards, order a magazine pouch for the opposite side you plan to carry it. For example, you want to carry the magazine on your left side, order a right side magazine pouch and then carry it backwards on your left side.