IDPA Tire Thumper


This specialty Tire Thumper has been created specially for the IDPA. The iconic IDPA logo is laser engraved on the thumper to make a great statement! Finish styles available: natural, midnightmare blue, or specialty burned red.

18″ Hickory Sticks are crafted from grade A American Hickory for durability and quality. Made in the USA.

Used primarily as a “Tire Whacker” for checking for low pressure in tires on big rigs quickly and efficiently, these guys are 17.75″ of premium grade A American Hickory with grooves for awesome Kung Fu grip and a nylon lanyard to prevent accidental slipping during use. Definitely a must have for every vehicles tool box (including boats!), whether for thumping tires, taking the flop out of that big fish you just hauled into the boat, or maintaining order during the Zombie Apocalypse, these Hickory Sticks have countless uses. Ink printed with Hardcore Hammers Logo.

*Warning* Please check the appropriate ordinances for proper use and storage in your city and state.

WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer.