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New Area Coordinators Announced for the Mid-Atlantic

page1image1347087968John Reihner from Washington, PA, has been appointed as Area Coordinator for all of Pennsylvania, in addition to West Virginia and Ohio, effective Aug. 6th.

This AC has been shooting IDPA since 2007. “I have my wife to thank forgetting both of us involved in IDPA. I am a lifelong hunter but had never had much experience with handguns. My wife wanted to get her concealed carry permit and we took the necessary classes. One of our instructors suggested trying IDPA. At the first match we knew nothing about the sport and were

given a great introduction. The rest is history. Robyn and I regularly shoot matches. When our daughter Michelle can get free from her two girls, she will join us for a match.”

Reihner says, “I want all of my clubs to know I am readily available by phone and email to help with anything IDPA. I will always get you an answer in keeping with IDPA rules and best practices. I enjoy teaching Safety Officer classes and supporting clubs and match directors asmuch as competing.”


page1image1347088256Ken Ortbach is from Hellertown, PA, and has ben appointed as Area Coordinator for New York and New Jersey effective Aug. 6th, in addition to his current assignment of Canada. Ken has been shooting IDPA at his home club, Hellertown Sportsmen’s Association, and surrounding clubs since 2002. What attracted this revolver enthusiast to IDPA? As a newbie to action handgun shooting, “It was the coolest game I had ever shot at the time.

Ortbach has an unpretentious approach to his new area. “I plan to keep the clubs informed of IDPA news, help answer questions and assist any clubs wishing to run sanctioned matches.”


page1image1347103184 Cody Claxton, Area Coordinator for MD, VA, NC and SC, is the new AC for Delaware, effective Aug. 6th. Claxton has been shooting IDPA since 2011. “I bought my first pistol in 2011, and realized I was pretty bad at marksmanship. I saw someone the NRA range who I could see was very good. I asked her how she got to be so good and she said, “IDPA!” I shot my first match atCavalier in 2011 and immediately was addicted to the sport.” 

An IDPA AC Since May of 2015, he is also Match Director at the NRA HQ Range IDPA and Thurmont, MD IDPA. He started the NRA HQ club.

Cody’s successes include, “…tripling the number of Safety Officers, grown five new clubs,overseen 14 sanctioned matches, hosted 4 sanctioned matches, published questions and answers for the match directors, hosted 4 new shooter orientations and introduced more than 140 new shooters to the sport. I also produce a monthly newsletter notifying everyone of matches in the area, concealed carry tactical trainings, hand-hand self-defense, deployment of pepper spray and other related self-defense topics.”

“The goals for DE include continuing the State Match in 2019, increase the number of SO’s and clubs and grow the membership by 10%. This in addition to the regular information, newsletters and communication I will bring to this State.”

In his non-IDPA time, Cody says, “I love to bicycle converted rail trails, was a broadcastequipment engineer most of my career, grew up in Florida, have two grown children, twograndchildren, and love to snorkel the springs of Florida.”

Claxton is passionate about our sport. “The reason I volunteer and work so hard with IDPA isthree reasons: I want as many concealed carry individuals to be as good as possible in deploying their pistol and in firearm safety; I use my position to advocate for other forms of self-defense because we should all be trained in situational awareness, basic hand to hand combat, basic weapons retention, shoot-no-shoot decision-making, avoidance, use of other weapons, and integration of these skills as much as possible. I have taken many classes, such as ECQC, Rangemaster Conference Classes, Edged Weapons, and others to build my skills, and keep a list of upcoming training in case anyone is ready to train. I enjoy travelling to clubs, getting to know the people, learning about the cities and areas in which I travel, and helping people understand how to navigate the rules and IDPA. Along the way I am slowly improving my own pistol skills.”



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