How do I create a Classifier Match or Tier 1 Match on the website?

To create a Classifier match and Tier 1 match, you will first log in to your IDPA account. Once in your account, you will hover over the red “Hello” image in the top right of the screen. Once the drop-down shows, you will click on “upload scores.” On the “upload scores” page, you will see several different tabs regarding uploads. First, you will choose what type of match you are creating. For instance, if it is a classifier match, you will click on the “add classifier scores” tab. You will then select the club that is hosting the match. After selecting a club, you will see an area that says, “events hosted by this club” and a +Add Classifier option. You will click on +Add Classifier. You will then select the start and end date of the event and title the event, then save. Once you save the classifier, it will show up on the website. By creating the match, it will also create an upload scores button on this page. After the match or classifier, you will be able to go in and upload the scores for that event.


To upload a Tier 1 match, you follow these same steps. You will click on the “add match scores” tab. Select the club it will be for. Then click the +Add Tier 1 Match (Free). Input start and end date and the title of the match and save.


You can edit the details of these matches by then, clicking on the Matches tab at the top of the screen, finding your match, clicking on it, and editing the details. You can update the registration URL and main match details of your match.


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