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Postal Match Update – Jan. 29, 2020

As of Jan. 29th, we have 116 clubs that requested the match information and roughly 30 reporting back. Many of these clubs are going to run the match again.

Approximately a third of these scores have issues that are going to take a lot of work to get through. For example:

• Not having an IDPA number – this is repairable if members send us their IDPA number before April 30th to

• NFC and Unclassified shooters will be parsed from the scores. If shooters have received a classification in the division they entered, they need to drop us an email so that can be verified and changed before dropping their scores.

• Competitors – please check your scores and send us an email if you spot something that you think looks unusual on your score. We have found several instances where scoring errors on the tablets have resulted in stage scores being omitted in the final results. They appear incomplete but in the stages that are missing, targets were not all completely scored so the missing information prevents scores from showing up. We do not have the resources to review several thousand entries in the scoring system, but we will take a look at anything someone needs us to review.

Category awards – when we close out the match for scoring, we will break out each division into its own match for reporting purposes. By doing that, we can post the awards including all of the special categories by division. So, for example, SSP Most Accurate, or ESP Top Lady. When scores are posted, each award report will show the special categories which we will make and send out for everyone who provided an email when they signed up.

We have been getting emails and people who talk to us are sharing how they are enjoying shooting this match with their cross country and international friends.

Good luck!


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