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New CSO Exam to Begin Wed., Jan. 22nd

IDPA Headquarters is pleased to announce that the new CSO Exam, communicated in October, will be deployed beginning Wed., Jan. 22, 2020. Please note that current members designated in the system as CSOs will be “grandfathered” in and are required to take the test only when their SO expiration date is within 180 prior to SO to expiration and 90 days post SO expiration.

Members wishing to apply for CSO status should review the steps needed to become a CSO:

1. Prior to applying, the member must review and confirm they meet the minimum requirements as listed in Section M-15/M-15.3 of the Match Administration Rules document, located on the Downloads tab of your dashboard or here:

2. If the member meets those requirements, they can apply to become a CSO by fully completing the universal application form found on their Downloads Tab on their dashboard and submitting to their AC/IPOC. The application is then submitted to the member’s Area Coordinator/IPOC for approval or denial and upon verifying eligibility, the AC/IPOC will mark the member’s profile as CSO Eligible. Some CSOs may have filled out the old application previously, but please fill out the new application so that HQ can attach it to your profile electronically.

3. The system will then show the link on the member’s dashboard for the online test that must be passed. The test consists of 30 questions and a minimum grade of 80% must be attained. The applicant will get 2 opportunities to pass the exam; if, after 2 attempt the applicant has not passed the test, they must wait until the next calendar year to try again. The member must wait at least 24 hours between attempts.

4. After passing the test, the system will update the 2 year SO expiration date. HQ will periodically review CSO eligibility based on the needs of the sport.

5. CSO candidates not following this process will be disallowed from the testing system for 1 year and considered ineligible for CSO status.

CSOs for Tiers 1 and 2 matches are appointed by the Match Director of a particular event for that match. These CSOs are not tracked by HQ and will not be marked as a CSO in the IDPA website/database.

If you have questions regarding the exam, process or eligibility, please contact your AC/IPOC.

We wish you a successful testing experience!


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