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IDPA Headquarters announces new CSO exam

CSO Exam

IDPA Headquarters is announcing the deployment of a Chief Safety Officer (CSO) recertification exam, which will take effect in January of 2020. Beginning Oct. 28, 2019, no new CSOs will be appointed until after the new exam is deployed.

Prerequisites to become a CSO are listed in the Match Administration Rules document, and candidates must also complete an application with the recommendation of an SOI and/or Club Contact that has been approved by the Area Coordinator/IPOC.

The recertification test will consist of 30 questions with a score of at least 80% correct to pass. Two attempts at the test are allowed per calendar year. This is a specially developed test with situational questions that are specific to running T3 or higher matches.

This recertification exam will go into effect for new CSOs in January of 2020 and on the recertification expiration date for existing CSOs. Please note that CSO and SO expiration dates are the same and are listed on your IDPA Dashboard in the Roles area. In the next few months, ACs and IPOCs will be reviewing the history of matches worked by current CSOs. CSOs found out of compliance will be assigned SO status. Once a member becomes a CSO, they will have to maintain their status by participating in matches and taking the CSO recertification exam in lieu of the SO recert exam every two years. ACs and IPOCs have the ability to rescind CSO status based on infractions or other issues.

For more information or questions, please refer to your Area Coordinator (AC) or International Point of Contact (IPOC).


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