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IDPA Classification Updates Announced

As IDPA has continued to add divisions based on member requests, we recognized the need to simplify our Classification rules for the benefit of our Area Coordinators, International Points of Contact, Match Directors and members.  You, our members, have told us that Universal classification has put many shooters at a disadvantage by forcing them to shoot in a higher class than their skill level warrants.

Effective Jan. 1, 2020, Universal classifications will be removed from all member records.   After that time, a member who has not obtained the classification of Master or Distinguished Master in that specific division who cares to compete in a sanctioned match, will be required to have shot a classifier during the previous 12-month timeframe.  This information must be in their official profile online, for the same division they are competing in before being eligible to shoot the match. As of 1/1/2020, members must have a classifier or match bump based classification in the division in which they wish to shoot in order to compete in a sanctioned event.

Between now and Jan. 1, 2020, the Universal Classification system will continue to be used.  Members are encouraged to shoot classifiers in the divisions they will compete in during 2020.

Equity promotion rules will remain in effect.  That is, when a shooter shoots a classifier at a level, then other divisions can be at most one level lower.  Match bumps will still only affect that single division.  If a shooter is an Expert in SSP, he will be considered at least a Sharpshooter in all other semi-auto divisions, including CO.   REV, BUG and PCC do not use equity promotions.  In order to compete in sanctioned matches, the shooter must have a current classification in the division in which he is shooting.

With this announcement and effective immediately, like BUG division, PCC will be official but as an optional division.  While no longer provisional, PCC is not a required division and may be offered at the discretion of the Match Director.  Our newest division, Carry Optics (CO) is required to be offered at all matches just like the other semi-auto divisions. Also effective immediately, equity promotions will affect and be affected by Carry Optics (CO).

Additionally, the Classification rules will be moved from the IDPA Rulebook to the Match Administration Guide.  Printed rulebooks from Headquarters will include a notation that Section 9 has been superseded by the updates in the Match Administration Guide on the IDPA website.  The current Rulebook, Match Administration Guide and classification brackets can be found on the website at

These changes will allow our shooters to compete at the appropriate level and enjoy a rulebook that is simplified and easier to understand.  If you have questions about these changes, please contact your Area Coordinator or your International Point of Contact.





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