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IDPA 2020 National Postal Match Announced

IDPA is pleased to announce our first sanctioned National Postal Match consisting of 4 stages and a round count of 68 rounds.

This match was designed to be easily set up and run by all IDPA clubs regardless of their size and range limitations.

The stages were designed by Rick Lund & Ken Reed who are serving as the match directors for this event. We are looking to add these stages as classifiers in the future.

The match will be open to all clubs and members in good standing between the dates of January 1st, 2020 and April 30th, 2020. All Divisions are recognized.

Competitors may only enter one time in a division and may compete in all divisions for up to a maximum of four points.

After April 30th, the final scores will be posted online and the awards will be emailed to each competitor using the email provided when they registered to compete in Practiscore.

How to run the match at your club:
This match has been set up to run using Practiscore. In order to run this match at your club, download the pdf with the Stages which will be posted 12/23/19. Then send a request to: and tell us your club name when requesting the match file. We will email you the file as an email attachment with the name: IDPANationalPostalMatch.psc¬¬¬. Import that attachment into your master Practiscore Tablet and enter the shooter information filling in the required fields. Sync other tablets as needed and score your match. When done, pull all of the scores back into your master tablet and return the match file by email using the export functions in Practiscore. After returning the match file, you can Clone the match using a different name on your tablet and then post your local scores using Practiscore. It is necessary to do this because Practiscore only uses one name for a match. You can not post multiple copies of a match using the same name.

Use the provided email for all questions and correspondence concerning this match.

We wish everyone good luck.


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