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Accuracy X Team shooter is most accurate at IDPA World Championships

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Geoff Heath, from Folsom CA, earned the title of most accurate shooter during the recent 2019 International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) World Championships.

Heath, (age 40) used his PRO Series Custom 1911 from Accuracy X, to out perform competition from all over the world earning the most accurate award. The “ Worlds” are an intense competition that span several days with over 15 different stages, Heath competed in the Enhanced Service Pistol (ESP) category and bested the nearly 500 other competitors from several countries to bring home this impressive win.

“The worlds best practical shooters come to the World Championships and Geoff and his PRO Series Custom 1911 came out on top. That is quite an accomplishment. Accuracy X, Inc. is thrilled to have Geoff as a member of our Accuracy X professional shooting team and we are proud of his outstanding performance at the 2019 World Championships. ” said Steve Huff, President of Accuracy X, Inc.

About Accuracy X, Inc.

Accuracy X, Inc., is the builder of the worlds proven most accurate custom 1911s, and

precision bolt rifles. Accuracy X is also the creator of the patented and revolutionary

Multi-Sight™ system and maker of the highest quality 1911 parts and accessories.

Accuracy X focuses on innovation and proven performance. Accuracy X is world

renowned for our video accuracy tests which document the phenomenal accuracy and

performance of our products. Accuracy X products have won a multitude of National

Championships and events across many disciplines, and have been used to set numerous

National Records. 100% USA owned and operated, Accuracy X exclusively uses only

USA made parts, materials and labor. Based in Virginia, Accuracy X is an ardent

support of Second Amendment rights and the competitive shooting sports.

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