International Defensive Pistol Association
To: All IDPA Members
From: Joyce Wilson, Executive Director, IDPA
Date: March 2, 2015
Re: SWIN, V 1.1 IDPA Rulebook, Worlds
First, thank you to all of you who participated in the Smith & Wesson Indoor Nationals last week. The weather was frosty, but our hosts provided us with a warm welcome, a wonderful match, an extraordinary venue, and support for our sport. We are grateful to all of the sponsors who supported us in this match and in matches in other tiers, as well.
We have received some great feedback from our members regarding the 2015 IDPA Rulebook. Each of you who made suggestions within the member suggestion tool is a virtual Tiger and helped make the rulebook and changes even better. During this period we have discovered a couple of things that needed adjustment to make our intent crystal clear and to fix some typos. With that said, we will be posting version 1.1 of the rulebook today. Some of the updates we have made include:
  • Reloading Changes: The reloading behind cover rules have been refined and reinforced a bit. The rule allowing a makeup shot in the open on a target down range, although well intentioned, opened a door that was never supposed to be opened. The only good solution we could find was to remove the rule to preserve the concept of no reloads in the open. The other reloading rules are unchanged, but now have a bit more explanation.
  • Minor Changes: How to score those who have ammunition that fails to make power factor has been been made consistent throughout the rulebook.
  • BUG Power Factor: Something we didn't change is worth noting, as well. Anything below 95PF will not reliably knock down steel, and steel set to react to hits below 95PF won't stay set in windy conditions. Therefore BUG will stay at 95PF.
  • Stage Descriptions: The basics for stage descriptions are now part of Match Administration.
  • Stage Reliability: In response to our members who requested stability in matches with activated targets and props, a stage reliability rule has been added to the Match Administration section.
Upcoming this month will be the acceptance of match registration forms for the IDPA World Championship in Tulsa, September 16 – 19. The form can be found in the Q1 Tactical Journal that is hitting your mailboxes within the next week, and is also online at: Entries must be postmarked or shipped (not received) NO EARLIER than March 30, 2015. Brian Ehrler and his team have designed some amazing stages, so I hope to see everyone there. I am confident that Tulsa in September will be warmer than Massachusetts in February.
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