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It's election time for the NRA Board of Directors.
Please join me in voting for our fellow IDPA member and supporter, Joseph P. DeBergalis, Jr.! (Ballots are in the February edition of your NRA magazine of choice for all Life or five year or more consecutive Annual NRA members). To join the NRA to cast your vote, visit To renew your NRA membership so you can vote, visit
Joe is a NRA Benefactor Life Member who is serving in his second term as a NRA Board Member. He has dedicated himself to the protection of our rights to defend, use, collect, and compete with the firearms of our choosing.
As an active NRA Board Member, Joe was nominated by the Nominating Committee to run this election cycle. He is currently assigned as Chairman of the NRA’s Education and Training Committee and Vice Chair of Action Shooting. He is a member of the Executive, Finance, Law Enforcement, Legislative Affairs, and Sport Shooting Committees. Formerly, he vice-chaired the NRA’s Nominating Committee.
Through his leadership on the Education and Training Committee and with the help of his committee members and internal NRA staff, the NRA has seen its Instructor and Coach certified members reach over 117,000. They have also been very busy working cooperatively with Louisiana Shooting Unlimited to gain use of G.I. Bill benefits to be used towards NRA Instructor training opportunities across the country for our service members. As a strong proponent of the NRA’s “Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program,” he is seeking to have this most worthwhile program delivered to every school-aged child. Joe is a NRA Training Counselor and a Multi-disciplined certified NRA Instructor. He holds instructor certifications with MagPul Dynamics, Progressive FORCE Concepts, Brownells, and Modern Defensive Training Systems. As a law enforcement officer, Joe conducts his training by using the Gunsite Academy’s Combat Triad principles of marksmanship, gun-handling, and mind-set. There is no better system to ensure total student adoption of principles and comprehension of the subject matter presented.
In addition to his NRA work, Joe is currently the Vice President of the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, the NRA’s largest state affiliate. There he ensures that the NRA’s fine line of programming such as “Refuse to be a Victim,” "Women on Target,” and competitive shooting sports are brought forth in the state that is birthplace of the NRA. Joe is the founder of the very popular Pro-AM 3 Gun Championship and Advisory Board Member of the NRA’s Disability Awareness Shoot. He further serves an Advisor to 3 Gun Nation, the North-South Skirmish Association, Honored American Veterans Afield, WestPoint’s Captain Andy Houghton Memorial Two-Gun Match and the Joint Service Academy shooting events. His passion for ensuring that shooting sports continue to thrive is evidenced by his co-sponsoring a NRA Resolution reaffirming the NRA’s commitment to all shooting sports, his work through the outstanding MGM Junior Shooting Camps, and advocacy for the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation.
Legislatively, he is actively fighting the so-called NY SAFE Act and Bloomberg’s gun control schemes in Colorado, California, and across the nation.
Working with the great folks at Pursuit Channel, Joe was instrumental in the creation of the “NRA Freedom Fridays” and “NRA Country Sundays” block of programming. The high quality shows delivered within these blocks ensures that the NRA culture is delivered to over 42 million viewers each week.
Joe is a member of IDPA and has helped our cause in several different areas. He is dedicated to the IDPA principles and seeks to see our membership ranks swell.
Vote Joe DeBergalis for NRA Board of Directors
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