International Defensive Pistol Association
To: All IDPA Members
From: Joyce Wilson, Executive Director, IDPA
Date: January 30, 2015
Re: 2015 IDPA Rulebook Released - Part 1
I am happy to announce that updates to the IDPA Rulebook have been completed and approved by the Board of Directors. The 2015 Rulebook will be posted today at this link: . It will become effective March 1, 2015.
As announced previously, ESR and SSR have now merged into a single Revolver Division (REV). Specifics about this division can be found in Section 8.2.5. A few sanctioned matches may have already registered shooters in the ESR or SSR divisions; scores will be reported and listed under the single Revolver division even if trophies are awarded for individual divisions for those matches. Upcoming matches should only use the Revolver division.
Our new division, Compact Carry Pistol (CCP) will become effective March 1, as well. However, shooters may start classifying in CCP immediately for the coming season. Specifics about this division can be found in Section 8.2.4. Please keep in mind that CCP is a provisional division. Once we have collected sufficient data on times and challenges, which may take 2 or more years, we may update equipment, classifier times or shooting rules for this division.
Back Up Gun (BUG) division, at the request of our membership, has been given more structure and will be a mandatory division for Tier 1 matches beginning June 1, 2015 and an optional division for Tiers 2-5 matches. Specifics about this division can be found in Section 8.2.6. Data is still being collecting for classification times and specific times for this division will be released May 1, 2015.
Many scoring software providers have been alerted to the upcoming changes that will require updates in their software and are already working on those changes. For specific dates that these will be unveiled, please check with your specific scoring software provider.
Everyone is encouraged to take time to fully read and understand the rules and changes in the new rulebook. In an effort to better answer questions on the new rules, we will soon be unveiling an online, automated tool for rule questions. Members are urged to use this tool so that we can formulate a frequently asked questions (FAQ) file and more uniformly respond to the membership. We ask the membership to hold their questions until that tool is open. Look for more info about that in an upcoming eblast.
Safety Officer (SO) online recertification will begin Monday, April 13, 2015. All IDPA SOs are required to recertify biennially 180 days prior to the SO expiration date listed on their membership card. Recertification testing is available online, or in lieu of online recertification, an SO may attend an SO class after the new materials are released April 30. No paper recertification exams will be provided.
Updated Safety Officer Instructor (SOI) materials will be issued to the SOIs by April 30, 2015; in the meantime, we encourage all SOIs to become familiar with the updates and incorporate the changes into their classroom presentations. More information will be provided, including the link for the recertification test, by April 13. Questions & inquiries about online recertification should be emailed to Questions will be answered within two business days.
We will also be sending an eblast in the next day or two regarding the thought process behind these changes so that members will have a better understanding of them.
I am very excited about the updated rule book and our new division. CCP really represents what IDPA is all about and I think many of our members with concealed carry permits will be taking advantage of this division. This year, from the updated rulebook, changes and updates to our divisions, and the World Championship in Sept., will be one of the most exhilarating years in the history of our sport. Thank you for being part of the adventure!
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