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Joyce Wilson, Executive Director, IDPA
September 22, 2014
Member Suggestion Tool Opens
The IDPA rulebook Member Suggestion Tool is now open for member feedback. We have elected to open the feedback period for 2 weeks to give everyone ample time to comment. The member Suggestions Tool will close on Oct. 6th.
I am again pleased to use this member-focused approach for updates. When we used it in 2013, the trial run of collecting member feedback on the rulebook added a lot of time and work to the process, but I believe that it was worth the effort.  Instructions to access the tool are posted below.  Without your input, we cannot identify those issues or which you have concerns and thoughtful suggestions, so I encourage every current member to utilize this opportunity to give feedback.
IDPA Rulebook Feedback Information
The Member Suggestion Tool will be open for 2 weeks, from Sept. 22nd to Oct.6th. To access the rulebook and make suggestions, you must be a current IDPA member. During this time, current members can make suggestions by logging in at this link: and selecting the Rules tab at the top. In the center of the page, you will see the Propose A Change… form. You will need to Select a Category, and then fill out three pieces of information: the Specific Rule (Section), Issue with the Current Rule, and your Proposed Solution/Change prior to submitting the feedback.
To be efficient with the time of the Tiger Teams as they review these suggestions, there is a character limit in each box, allowing sufficient space to describe the issue while making it easy for the reviewers to assess the suggestion. In an effort to reduce duplication, each suggestion submitted will go into a submission queue and be approved for posting so that all members can see each proposal. The approval/posting process may take up to 2 business days before the suggestion is viewable by the membership. Contributors can make as many suggestions as they desire, but only one suggestion per submission will be accepted. We expect a lot of traffic on this site, so please be patient as we review, and approve. For suggestions to be posted and considered, they must be constructive and professional.
This on-line option will be the only channel for members to submit feedback on the rulebook. So that we may concentrate on serving our customers and working through the suggestions, HQ staff will not be monitoring any forums and will not accept suggestions or changes made verbally, via telephone or email. Only comments made through the website will be considered.
Each Tiger Team will review suggestions made to their area and act on them as needed. Once the feedback period ends, it will take some time for us to update the rulebook and gain approval from our Board of Directors. Please note that we will strive to deliver the updated rulebook in Q1, 2015.  Announcement will be made via the IDPA website, eBlast, the Tactical Journal and the IDPA official Facebook page.
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