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Joyce Wilson, Executive Director, IDPA
July 8, 2014
Quarterly Clarifications, Rulebook, Worlds
Summer Updates
Hopefully all our members are enjoying a summer filled with fun and lots of shooting opportunities. It even seems like ammo is becoming somewhat more available.
I’d just like to update our membership on a few of the happenings and decisions here at Headquarters.
First, the National Championship in Tulsa is full with a waiting list. I’m sure that our Match Director Mike Webb, Assistant Match Director Darrell Sells and Second Assistant Match Director Phil Torres have some interesting things in store for the shooters this year. As always, the US Shooting Academy is a wonderful range at which to compete.
Second, we’re finalizing plans with hotels in Puerto Rico for the second World Championship to be held March 25-29, 2015, at the RL Shooting Club in Caguas. We’ll be announcing registration information shortly so stay tuned.
We’re also continuing with our Tiger Teams. I feel that it is vitally important to have membership input for the direction of the sport. We have teams working on Safety Officer Education and Continuing Education for the entire membership. I feel that one of the keys to developing consistency in the sport is to have additional information available. We will be using video and printed materials to help our membership further understand the founding principles and how the rules apply.
Finally, this fall, after the National Championship, we will again be reviewing our rulebook. While we originally thought that it would be beneficial to have quarterly reviews and clarifications, we now realize that it is not. The Founders originally stated that we would not make changes to rules more frequently than every two years. They understood that competitors as well as manufacturers need stability. While the intention was good, the implications have not been. Once the rulebook is reviewed this fall, it will be closed for a period of at least two years. With the implementation of continuing education, we also hope to reduce the need for the clarification process as well. I think that if we can show by video what the rules’ intention is, we don’t need to clarify it. And once we get the rulebook sealed, we can more effectively educate our Safety Officers, SOIs and Area Coordinators as well.
BUG rules will be reviewed this fall. While we won’t have new rules in place for the 2014 Smith & Wesson BUG Nationals, we will be developing more stringent rules for this division. We want to encourage the use of real back up guns, not just slightly smaller full size firearms, so get out those real back up guns!
Today we have posted the clarifications document for the second quarter of 2014. This document addresses requests that were submitted through June 16th. Submissions after that period will be addressed in the Q3, 2014 Clarifications document. Some requests may not be listed if it was determined by the team that no clarification was needed, or if the request was for a rule change rather than a clarification. These clarifications will go into effect immediately.
I encourage all Area Coordinators, Safety Officer Instructors and Match Directors to familiarize themselves with the clarifications and cascade to their shooters.
The Q2 Rulebook Clarifications document can be found here:
Most importantly, have a safe and fun-filled summer. Take your kids, your spouse, significant other or just your friends to the range and show them how much fun you can have shooting IDPA or just shooting in general.
I hope to see you on the range!
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