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Joyce Wilson, Executive Director, IDPA
May 15, 2014
Update and Recap
Volume 18 Issue 2 of the Tactical Journal is going to be a little late getting to you this time. Though the entry form will be in that issue, it will be better for you to directly download the Entry Form from the IDPA website at Save to your computer and you will be able to complete the form on your computer to be printed before mailing to IDPA. Send Entry forms to:
IDPA Championship
2232 CR 719
Berryville, AR 72616
Happy May to our members all over the world. The first half of 2014 has been a period of phenomenal growth for our sport, with membership at an all-time high. We continue in our quest to involve more members in decisions that affect the future of IDPA and provide more communication to you. Many of you have contacted Headquarters to ask about the availability of a printed rulebook. This year, we will continue quarterly clarifications to the rulebook and will open it to member suggestions after Nationals. Those suggestions will be reviewed and an updated rulebook will be released in Q4, taking effect Jan. 1, 2015. Since printing and mailing costs have risen exponentially over the last few years, we have elected to offer a printed rulebook to our members after the 2014 updates are finalized. This year, we will focus our resources on developing more clubs and continuing upgrading our infrastructure to better serve you. We will announce the availability of the 2015 printed version when it is received from the printer. At that time, a hard copy will be mailed to all current members. You will also still be able to download a copy as well.
While it initially seemed to be a good idea to open the rulebook yearly for changes and updates, we now realize that it creates an extremely costly situation in printing and disbursement. Also, opening the rulebook too frequently doesn’t allow for the sport to stabilize after rule changes have been made. So once the 2015 rulebook is done, it will be closed for a period of not less than 2 years. We will then look at how the sport is progressing to see if it remains closed and for what period of time. The original founders stated that equipment rules would be in effect for a minimum of two years in order for manufacturers to have stability. We need to have that same stability of all rules for the members as well. In an effort to maintain transparency and respond to our members, we will use the recommendations from this fall to look closely at your concerns regarding any rule issues. In October of this year, we will make available to all members the member suggestion tool on the IDPA website. This automated tool, used last year during our review process, allows you to cite specific rules and offer suggestions regarding wording of or alteration to the rule. I encourage all members to use the suggestion tool at that time to let your voice be heard. We created that tool to give you more involvement in your sport.
As the summer shooting season gets underway, I want to take a minute to remind our hard working Match Directors that, per the Match Administration Guide, staff members for Tier 2-5 matches are required to be certified Safety Officers. This designation can be confirmed by logging in to the IDPA website and clicking on the "Members" tab. Once there, select "Safety Officers" under "Find Members" on the upper left side of the page. To find a particular safety officer, type the person's name or IDPA number into the text box in the middle of the upper section of the page.
I hope to see many of you on the range this summer.
IDPA US Nationals Entry Forms Are Online
Entry Forms and other information is available on this page or by going directly to the entry form here.
Participants: All entrants must be current IDPA members with a classification of Marksman or higher and have at least one point.
Participant Eligibility: Entries must be POSTMARKED OR SHIPPED (NOT RECEIVED) NO EARLIER than May 27th, 2014. Any entries received prior to this date will not be considered for squadding until July 1st and only if there are openings left. SEND ENTRIES TO: IDPA CHAMPIONSHIP, 2232 CR 719, Berryville, Arkansas 72616.
Limited to 290 entries based on accumulated points.
For full details on the Points System please visit the website at
50 openings will be filled by random drawing of all the remaining shooters who did not get a slot using their points. This will allow shooter in areas not featuring frequent sanctioned matches to have an opportunity to attend.
Applications must be postmarked no earlier than May 27th.
On June 10th, all slots will be awarded and the competitors notified that week.
You will choose your own squad. We will send notification via email to let you know when and where to go for self squadding. To self squad, you will need to sign in using the same username and password you use for the Members Only Area. Sign up now for the Members Only Area if you plan to submit an entry form for the National Championship.
Be sure to double check your information before sending in your entry forms. There will be NO changes allowed in division once we receive the entry form.
Redesigned IDPA Pro Shop
Take a moment to visit the newly redesigned IDPA Pro Shop at We hope you will like the new look and function. We have spoken with a number of new vendors about products we think will be of interest to our membership. These will be coming along in the next several weeks so check back frequently to see what you might be missing or need for your range bag. As a teaser, check out the new clear Lexan IDPA box available now.
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