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Joyce Wilson, Executive Director, IDPA
December 3, 2013
Rules Clarifications for Fourth Quarter, 2013
Earlier this fall, all members received a communications from me regarding the Rules Clarifications process. This process was established to address any issues not covered in the current rulebook and assists us in reducing HQ employee overload (spending HQ resource time on answering the same questions repeatedly), and make clarifications visible to all members.
Today, we have posted the first quarterly clarifications document. This document addresses requests that were submitted through Nov. 5th. Submissions after that period will be addressed in the Q1, 2014 Clarifications document. Some requests may not be listed if it was determined by the team that no clarification was needed, or if the request was for a rule change rather than a clarification. One request, that for a more comprehensive definition of slide lightening, is being researched. The team feels that this is too crucial to the integrity of the sport to clarify at this time. We are further exploring a definition that will be fair to the competitors as well as easy for match officials to administrate. This is not a topic to be undertaken lightly as we definitely do not want to start down the path of the equipment race as other sports have. We want to maintain the focus on readily available equipment that is not cost prohibitive to the new shooter. While we don't want to outlaw decorative engraving on personal firearms, we also will not condone the appearance of the necessity to remove inordinate amounts of material from the slide to indicate a competitive advantage. We hope to have a full definition at the next review, however, we will not make this decision lightly or before all members of the clarification team and the Board of Directors are comfortable with this decision and the direction that it will take the sport. We thank you for your patience.
I encourage all Area Coordinators, Safety Officer Instructors and Match Directors to familiarize themselves with the clarifications and cascade to their shooters.
The Q4 Rulebook Clarifications document can be found here:
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