IDPA Back Up Gun National Championship
Smith & Wesson IDPA Back Up Gun National Championship
Now is your chance to get in on our newest nationals event - the Smith & Wesson IDPA Back Up Gun National Championship.
The Smith & Wesson Back Up Gun Nationals is a 13 stage, 180 round championship solely for the back up gun. There will be just two divisions: Revolver and Semi-Auto. So for revolver shooters that means guns with 3” or shorter barrels and for those shooting semi-auto, guns with a maximum 3.8” barrel.
Each stage of the match will be shot in multiple five-round strings, allowing competitors to reload off the clock. And while there will be no drawing from the holster, all other IDPA rules apply.
And just like at the famed Indoor Nationals, Smith & Wesson is rolling out the red carpet for IDPA competitors. So in addition to lunch each day and one of, if not the best awards banquet in the shooting sports, there will be a number of guns raffled off Saturday night at the Basketball Hall of Fame – courtesy of Smith & Wesson and the many other generous industry sponsors.
If you’ve always wanted to compete in the S&W Indoor Nationals but could never get a slot, now is your chance to experience an IDPA National Championship Smith & Wesson style
Registration is now open and slots are available. In just a few clicks at (Link removed because it is no longer valid.) you can enter the match and make history as a competitor in the inaugural Smith & Wesson Back Up Gun National Championship.
For more information, contact Mike Critser at mtcritser@sbcglobal.net.
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