IDPA Classifier Stage 1

IDPA Classifier Stage 1


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Start Position

Shooter Position 1
24 rounds total All Shot from P1

Stage Procedure

String 1 (12 shots): Load exactly 6 rounds in the firearm. Draw and fire 2 shots to each body, re-load from slide-lock and fire 2 shots at each head.

String 2 (6 shots): Draw and fire 2 shots at each target strong hand only.

String 3 (6 shots): Start with firearm in weak hand, pointed down range at a 45 degree down angle, safety may be off but the trigger finger must be out of trigger guard. Fire 2 shots at each target weak hand only.


The Classifier Match

Only current IDPA-affiliated clubs may run Classifiers and only current IDPA members may shoot the Classifier. New shooters that have applied for IDPA membership, but do not yet have an IDPA number may shoot the Classifier and the results will be held by the Match Director until the shooter receives a membership card.

Only the Match Director and Certified SOs specifically designated by the MD or Club Contact can hold a Classifier match for one person or several squads as needed. However, an MD or SO may not run the Classifier for him/herself. Every IDPA-affiliated club must run the Classifier as one of their monthly matches at least once per year. To accommodate local shooters that want to shoot Sanctioned Matches, holding more than one Classifier per year is recommended.

The Classifier must be shot as a single seventy-two(72) round match, shot all in one day to the best of one’s ability. It is permissible to allow reshoots of a whole stage due to equipment problems and/or shooter mental errors for the purpose of accurate Classification as long as the reshoot occurs on the same day as the rest of the Classifier. However, no reshoots of individual strings of fire are permitted. If the Classifier is part of a scored match with other IDPA stages or the shooter is trying to attain a six firearm award, no reshoots are permitted.

During the Classifier only, shooters may load to division capacity, or fully load their normal IDPA compliant magazines, or load to any count sufficient to complete a string as required. The two strings that require downloading must use the exact loading specified.

A concealment garment is optional for the Classifier.

Stage One. Limited Scoring, 7 yards (6.4 meters) See Stage Procedure for IDPA Classifier Stage 1.

Stage Two. Limited Scoring, 10 yards and 5 yards (9.1 meters and 4.6 meters) See Stage Procedure for IDPA Classifier Stage 2.

Stage Three. Limited Scoring, 20 yards and 15 yards (18.3 meters and 13.7 meters) See Stage Procedure for IDPA Classifier Stage 3.

The start position for all strings is standing erect with hands naturally at sides.

A Bianchi barricade is 72” tall and 24” wide (1.8 meters x 0.6 meters.)
Barrels are stacked two high and the fault lines run perpendicular to the targets 3.5' feet off the centerline on each side.

Setup Notes

See Walk-through Image...

Leader Board

Member Information

Sanctioned Status

SANCTIONED, on 2/19/2013

Stage Info

Name: IDPA Classifier Stage 1


Scoring: Limited Vickers Count
Max Distance: 7 yards
# Strings: 3
# Rounds: 24

Start / Stop

Audible / Last Shot


3 IDPA Targets


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