IDPA Classifier Stage 1

IDPA Classifier Stage 1


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Start Position

Start position for all strings EXCEPT Stage One / String 5 is hands naturally at your sides. A Bianchi Style Barricade wall is twenty-four (24) inches wide by six (6) feet tall; shooting box is twenty-four (24) inches wide and does not necessarily have to have a back to it.

Stage Procedure

String 1 - Draw and fire two shots to the body and then one to the head on T1. (3 shots)

String 2 -Draw and fire two shots to the body and then one to the head on T2. (3 shots)

String 3 - Draw and fire two shots to the body and then one to the head on T3. (3 shots)

String 4 - Draw and fire two shots at each head T1-T3 in any order. (6 shots)

---The Scorekeeper will watch for required head shots that miss the head and hit the body. These hits below the head area must be noted or pasted before shooting String Five.---

String 5 - Start with firearm in the weak hand, pointed down range at a 45ยบ down angle, safety may be off, but the trigger finger must be out of trigger guard. Fire one shot each at T1-T3 in any order, weak hand only. (3 shots)

String 6 - Load exactly 3 rounds in the firearm. Start back to targets, turn, draw, and fire one shot each at T1-T3 in any order, reload from slide lock or empty cylinder and fire one shot each at T1-T3 in any order. (6 shots)

String 7 - Draw and fire two shots each at T1-T3 in any order, strong hand only. (6 shots)


Limited Vickers Count Scoring
The classifier is designed to be shot as a continuous ninety (90) round match. While it is permissible to allow re-shoots due to gun problems and/or mental shooter errors for the purpose of accurate classification, no re-shoots are to be permitted of individual strings of fire. If the classifier is part of a scored match or the shooter is trying to attain a five (5) gun award, no re-shoots are permitted and it must be shot as one continuous ninety (90) round course of fire.
For positions for each string, refer to "Stage Setup". Pistols must start from the mechanical condition of readiness appropriate to their design and be loaded to division capacity.

If the classifier is not part of a match, limited re-shoots are permitted in the case of equipment and/or mental malfunction. This is limited to re-shooting a stage (1/3 of the classifier, 30 rounds). No individual strings of fire may be re-shot for classification purposes. The entire ninety (90) round classifier must be fired on the same day. No multiple re-shoots of the same stage are permitted in the same classification match. When shooting for five (5) Gun Class Awards (5 Gun Master, etc.), all five classification scores must be fired as a continuous ninety (90) round course of fire and be witnessed by a safety officer. Multiple division classifications do not have to be completed on the same day. No re-shoots are permitted.

Setup Notes

See Walk-through Image...

Safety Officer Notes

Any Safety Officer preparing to administer the "Defensive Pistol" Qualification Match will want to review a number of factors prior to actual range firing.

For any new shooters, each must have safe gun-handling techniques explained and demonstrated. New shooters should be asked to demonstrate basic speed draws, safe re-holstering, and reloading skills. Muzzle awareness should be carefully explained. Placement of the trigger finger in the trigger guard will only take place when the handgun is pointed downrange or at the target.

S. O. should ask shooters if they have any questions concerning the range requirements and range orders.
It is wise to run each competitor through one stage at a time. At the end of each stage, score each competitors targets and paste. If the contestant makes an error and has to repeat the stage, this way only one 30 round stage will have to be completed.

Remind the contestants that they cannot miss fast enough to win this event. Hits on the target are the goal. The goal is to get good hits on each string of fire.

For strings 1, 2, & 3 the shooter is recommended to position himself centered on target two. After the completion of string three, if the shooter has not reloaded his sidearm, the SO should tell the shooter to utilize a "tactical reload" prior to string four. This will be good practice for stage three.

In the "weak" hand only part of string five, a shooter should have the muzzle of the handgun positioned at a 45 degree angle downrange. Trigger finger must be outside the trigger guard, hammer may be cocked and safety off.
String seven is a strong hand only drill, and many shooters will be wise to start with their strong side towards the targets allowing for a much more classic "dueling type stance".

Leader Board

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Sanctioned Status

SANCTIONED, on 2/19/2013

Stage Info

Name: IDPA Classifier Stage 1


Scoring: Limited Vickers Count
Max Distance: 7 yards
# Strings: 7
# Rounds: 30

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3 IDPA Targets


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