S&W Indoor Nationals: Stage 6 - Get OUT of My House!

by Editor 4. February 2015 21:25
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SCENARIO: You have chased the gang bangers off you lawn, but now they have invaded your house and are threatening your family, save them.

PROCEDURE: Start at P1, holstered, loaded to division capacity, hands at sides.

At the buzzer, engage T1 & T2 with two rounds each while retreating to P2 or P3. Open the window and engage T3 & T4 or T5 & T6 depending on which direction you chose, with 2 rounds each. Move to the opposite side and engage the remaining targets with 2 rounds each. Opening either window activates T7 & T8. NOTE: you must engage T7 & T8 before moving to the other side.

SCORING: Vickers
TARGETS: 8 IDPA, 2 Non-Threat
SCORED HITS: Best 2 on Paper

STAGE DESIGN: Mike Critser

WEBSITE: www.FMGPublications.com

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