S&W Indoor Nationals: Stage 3 - Bad Dreams in the Poppy Field

by Editor 4. February 2015 21:10
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SCENARIO: String 1 - You are resting on a conveniently located hillside after a flurry of activity and drift off to sleep. You are soon rudely awakened by a trio of deviants approaching at a somewhat rapid pace. Handle it. String 2 - You sit mentally drained, trying to refocus after your rude awakening, only to discover that more threats are looming. Defend yourself.

PROCEDURE: Start concealed, loaded to division capacity (both strings)

String 1 – At P1, lying on your support side facing the threats with your hands under your face as if sleeping. Firearm in the box; chambered and loaded to division capacity. All shots are freestyle, but must be taken while lying on stomach or support side.

String 2 - Seated on the hillside, gun at low ready, looking at the ground.

String 1 - Self-start. At P1, When ready, retrieve firearm from the box and engage threats, with 2 rounds each, in tactical priority. T1 & T2 are equal threats.

String 2 – At the buzzer, while seated, engage T1-T5 with 2 rounds each, in tactical sequence. After engaging T1-T5, proceed down the yellow brick road to P3 engaging threats as they appear, with 2 rounds each. T6 & T7 must be engaged while moving, T8 & T9 may be engaged while advancing or at P3

SCORING (String 1): Vickers
SCORED HITS: Best 2 on Paper

SCORING (String 2): Vickers
TARGETS: 9 IDPA, 2 Non-Threat
SCORED HITS: Best 2 on Paper

STAGE DESIGN: D. Brian Kester & Paul Jones

STAGE SPONSOR: Comp-Tac Victory Gear
WEBSITE: www.Comp-Tac.com

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