Live Free Or Die Stage 4: Young Guns

by Editor 6. October 2014 07:15
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SCENARIO: You stop into a rest area off the highway to utilize their clean, “sanitary” port-a-potty. While inside you hear a ruckus outside near the hedge row and thru a crack, you see 6 gang members attacking your family. Using surprise tactics, you open the door and save your family. Much like “Buckshot Roberts” did in the outhouse scene in the movie, “Young Guns”

PROCEDURE: Start sitting at P1, firearm loaded to division capacity and resting on either left or right shelf. Magazines or speedloaders stowed in ammo carriers on belt.

On the signal, kick the “porta-potty” door open, retrieve firearm from shelf and engage T1 thru T6 freestyle.

SCORING: Vickers Count
TARGETS: 6 IDPA, 2 Non Threat
SCORED HITS: Best Two On Target

STAGE DESIGN: Jonathan Wolfe

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