Live Free Or Die Stage 10: “Inception”

by Editor 6. October 2014 07:45
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SCENARIO: You are a taxi driver in a congested city. While at stop light, a group of armed men approach your vehicle and threaten you. Protect yourself and your passengers, much like they did in the movie “Inception.”

PROCEDURE: Start seated with hands on the steering wheel at 10 & 2 o'clock. Gun loaded to division capacity placed on the passenger seat. Magazines or speedloaders stowed in ammo carriers on belt.

Using tactical priority, engage IDPA targets T1-T7 with 2 rounds each, steel must fall.

SCORING: Vickers Count
TARGETS: 7 IDPA, 1 Steel, 3 Non Threat
SCORED HITS: Best Two On Target, Steel Must Fall

STAGE DESIGN: Chris Tessier

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