Mastering the IDPA Classifier by Duane Thomas

by Editor 8. August 2014 14:22
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IDPA Master, former Washington State IDPA Custom Defensive Pistol State Champion, and noted gunwriter Duane Thomas has written Mastering the IDPA Classifier, a book of tips and tricks on how to improve your performance on the IDPA classifier. This is the first and only time an IDPA Master has written a detailed collection of pointers on how to excel at the most varied and comprehensive test of fast gun handling and defensive marksmanship skills available to the normal, self-defense oriented, citizen shooter. Originally presented in serialized form in Dillon Precision Products’ magazine-format catalog, The Blue Press, this content has now been expanded, revised and collected in e-book form.

From Mastering the IDPA Classifier’s Introduction, Thomas says, “The purpose of this book is to share with you the little tips and tricks I have developed, over coming up on two decades of shooting the IDPA classifier. These are the things I see shooters, over and over again, get wrong at the lower skill levels. It’s not that they can’t shoot. It’s not that they don’t have the skill set already in place to be scoring in the next rank above where they will actually, finally wind up placing. Most people are actually much better shooters than they realize. It’s that they don’t know the little tricks that can carve huge chunks of time off any particular string. These are the things IDPA Masters know, that maybe you don’t. However, when you’ve finished reading this book, you will know them, too.”

Mastering the IDPA Classifier, lavishly illustrated with 70 full-color photos, is available as a downloadable e-book for $9.95 through

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