Massachusetts State Stage 9: It Was Chad’s Idea

by Editor 3. June 2014 06:09
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SCENARIO: While at the Inaugural Smith & Wesson IDPA Back-Up Gun National Championship, your friend Chad said you should be “Always Ready” when working at your gun store, just in case you are overrun by the infamous Bad Ass Bunny and her crew of cookie fairies. On Chad’s advice, you have a BUG in a handy place.

PROCEDURE: Start standing at P1 behind table, hands relaxed at sides, firearm loaded to division capacity and holstered. Ammo carriers loaded to division capacity and stowed per IDPA rules. Back-Up Gun compliant firearm (8.2.6) loaded with 5 rounds in the closed box on the table.

Engage T1-T3 and the two poppers with 1 round each from your firearm. T1 is more than 2 yards away from the single exposure drop-turners T2 & T3. The two poppers activating the drop-turners are more than two yards away from the drop-turners. There is no cover on the stage. After engaging T1-T3 place your firearm on the table into the “hot box” with the muzzle facing down range (safety on/decocked, if applicable). Pick up the BUG gun (6.25) from the box and engage T4-T7 with 1 round each. T4-T7 are arranged in an array to simulate a threat falling to the ground – engage the array from the top to the bottom. The shooter remains standing behind the table at P1 for the entire stage.

SCORING: Vickers Count
TARGETS: 7 IDPA, 2 Non-Threat
SCORED HITS: Best One On Target, Steel Must Fall

STAGE DESIGN: John Catterall

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