S&W Back Up Gun Nationals: Stage 11 - Camping With Wild Boars

by Editor 15. November 2013 11:00
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SCENARIO: You are camping with the family in a remote area, when you are attacked by wild Boars. Save your family.


String One: At P1 seated in tent, gun loaded, in bag. At the buzzer, retrieve gun and engage charging boar (T1-T5) with 1 round each, far to near.

String Two: At P2 seated at the campfire, log in hand at the buzzer, drop log on the activator. Retrieve gun from nearby log, and engage T6-T10 with 1 round each to the body, in tactical priority.

String Three: At P3, gun at low ready. At the buzzer engage T6-T10 with one round to each head, in tactical priority.

SCORING: Limited Vickers
TARGETS: 10 IDPA, 3 Non-Threat
SCORED HITS: 1 on T1-T5. 1 body and 1 head on T6-T10

STAGE DESIGN: Brian Steskla

WEBSITE: www.FMGPublications.com

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