S&W Back Up Gun Nationals: Stage 10 - Firewood Shootout

by Editor 11. November 2013 16:45
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SCENARIO: You are cutting and splitting firewood with your friends when bad guys spot you and decide you look like easy prey, so they try to take your equipment. You see that they have guns and try to warn your friend. As you are fighting out of harm’s way, they grab your friend as cover.


String One: Standing at P1, facing down range with gun at low ready. On the buzzer, engage T1-T5 with one round each in tactical priority.

String Two: At P2, same as string #1.

String Three: At P3, same as string #1.

SCORING: Limited Vickers
TARGETS: 5 IDPA, 2 Non-Threat
SCORED HITS: Best Three On Target

STAGE DESIGN: Warren Baker

STAGE SPONSOR: Michigan Ammo Co.

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