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by Editor 18. October 2013 06:00
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A few weeks ago at the 2013 IDPA Nationals, I announced that we would be sharing information regarding the process of on-going rules clarifications. As mentioned, this process would be to address any issues not covered in the current rulebook; it is not a forum for request for changing current rules.

A Rules Clarification Team of 7 people, myself included, has been created by IDPA Headquarters effective Sept. 12, 2013. Reason for change: in order to address HQ employee overload, spending HQ resource time on answering the same questions repeatedly, and make clarifications visible to all members.

Rules Clarification Process:

  • All requests for rules clarifications phoned in to HQ will be routed to Robert Ray, not answered on the spot.
  • Robert will request a written email to be sent to
  • Email questions and answers will be made public in a Clarifications document and posted on the IDPA website here:

Requests for clarifications will receive one of two responses:

  • If the request is obviously answered in the current 2013 rulebook, HQ will say no change and refer the requester to the appropriate section of the rulebook or Clarifications document.
  • If the clarification is not answered within the 2013 rulebook, or the rulebook Clarifications document, the Rules Clarifications Team will add the request to their quarterly meeting agenda. The team will decide what the official response is and after the quarterly meeting that clarification will be documented in the Clarifications document noted above. Rules Clarifications will be organized by Rule and Section number so that they are easy to find, and will eventually be incorporated in the 2014 updates.

Please note that no “on the spot” clarifications or rule interpretations will be made at matches or on the phone from HQ. The Rules Clarifications team members are not permitted to make rulings or discuss clarifications without the input of all team members; please do not ask them for this.

All requests must be received using the email address above, not requested verbally or at a match. Please do not ask these folks at a match or call them for a ruling. The IDPA website is the official source for all clarifications information.

2014 Rules Review Process:

  • Beginning in 2014, IDPA HQ will open the member suggestion tool for member suggestions ~ Oct. 1 of each year. As before, a valid IDPA membership number will be required to log a request.
  • After allowing two weeks for suggestions the suggestion period will close.
  • One week after the process ends, Tiger Team members will meet to discuss suggestions. Team members will be asked to gather information from shooters outside the team to answer any questions they may have.
  • No later than 4 weeks after the suggestion period closes, the team will have a draft of changes that will be sent to the IDPA Board of Directors and the SO Education Team.
  • The final rulebook will be posted on the IDPA website and will take effect on Jan. 1 of the following year.
  • Two weeks after receiving the draft, the SO Education Team will provide updated SOI materials, if necessary.

- Joyce Wilson
Executive Director of IDPA

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