California State Championship '13 Stage 8: Rule Number 3

by Editor 1. October 2013 10:00
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SCENARIO: Life is tough in Zombieland. You and your companions have been searching the land for a Zombie free zone. Fresh meat is hard to come by, so you didn’t think twice about eating the “Chile con Gatos” the night before. Now it’s coming back to haunt you! You’ve found a bathroom, and you all urgently need to make immediate use of the facilities. Clear the bathroom and save your friends! Remember Zombieland Rule #3… Beware of Bathrooms… and don’t forget your TP!

PROCEDURE: Starting at P1, standing outside of wall, heels even with front of wall, TP held in BOTH HANDS at chest level, gun loaded to division capacity.

On start signal, drop TP, then draw and engage T1-T6 and PP1 & PP2 in tactical priority on your way to P2. Perform IDPA legal reloads as required.

Note: Doors open automatically for each shooter once latch is opened. Door on bathroom stall #2 activates T4 disappear-ing pop-up target. NO FTN’s are penalized on this target.

Shooters need to be mindful of their muzzle direction and the possibility of sweeping themselves on this stage, resulting in a match DQ.

SCORING: Vickers Count
TARGETS: 6 IDPA, 2 Steel, 2 Non-Threat
SCORED HITS: Best Two On Target, Steel Until It Falls


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