California State Championship '13 Stage 1: Rest Stop Nap

by Editor 29. September 2013 10:16
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SCENARIO: Too cheap to get a room, you decide to pull over at an abandoned truck stop near Elko. You lock the doors, lay your loaded pistol at the ready on your passenger seat, and crack the windows to lay back for a nap. Just as you are falling asleep you hear gunshots and your passenger window is smashed in. You start to exit the vehicle when the carjackers appear at your windows brandishing handguns and attack dogs.

PROCEDURE: Start with gun loaded to division capacity, placed on the passenger seat and covered. Shooter is sitting in drivers seat with arms crossed on chest, back of head touching seatback.

At the signal, open drivers door and engage T1 (clamshell) and T2-T3 out the passenger window. Then, engage T4 – T7, and S1 & S2 out the drivers side in tactical priority, using the vehicle as cover.

SCORING: Vickers Count
TARGETS: 7 IDPA, 2 Steel, 1 Non-Threat
SCORED HITS: Best Two On Target, Steel Until It Falls

STAGE DESIGN: Joe Truesdale

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