US Nationals '13 Stage 9: Ammo Shortage

by Editor 16. September 2013 14:00
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SCENARIO: You are locking up at your small gun store. Local thieves hear that you got in a shipment of ammo and decide the risk was worth trying to rob a gun store. Turns out they were coming in the front as well as the back.

PROCEDURE: Start at P1 gun loaded and concealed. Strong hand on keys in lock and support hand holding bank bag. All spare ammo must be in drawer.

At the signal, push open door and then engage T1-T3 with 2 rounds each in tactical priority while retreating to P2. Bank bag must be held while engaging first 3 targets. Open drawer at P2 then engage T4 with 3 rounds as it advances on you. Then engage T5-T8 with 2 rounds each in tactical priority.


SCORING: Vickers Count
SCORED HITS: Best Two On Target, Best Three on T4

STAGE DESIGN: Robert Ray and John May

STAGE SPONSOR: White Hat Holsters

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