Brian Steskla Named Match Director Of 2013 Smith & Wesson IDPA BUG Nationals

by Editor 6. September 2013 07:35
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BERRYVILLE, Ark. – The International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) and Smith & Wesson announced that Brian Steskla has been named Match Director of the inaugural Smith & Wesson IDPA Back Up Gun Nationals to take place in Springfield, Mass. November 14-16, 2013.

Smith & Wesson, which for the past 16 years has organized, sponsored and hosted the IDPA Indoor National Championship, is the driving force behind the launch of this new national level championship that will also be held on the indoor ranges of the Smith & Wesson Shooting Sports Center. Upwards of 200 top IDPA shooters are expected to compete for the new national champion title in either the Pistol or Revolver division.

“I am honored to have been selected by IDPA and Smith & Wesson to take the reins of IDPA’s newest national championship event,” said Brian Steskla. “As a sport based on concealed carry scenarios, there is a great demand among IDPA shooters for an opportunity to test their skills with the back up gun. I’m looking forward to working with a talented team of safety officers to put together the kind of exciting and challenging championship course of fire that shooters have come to expect from a Smith & Wesson event.”

Steskla, who is a 17-year veteran of law enforcement in the state of Connecticut, and an NRA certified Handgun/Shotgun Law Enforcement Instructor, brings more than 8 years of experience as an IDPA competitor and five years as an IDPA Safety Officer to his role as Match Director.

“Brian is an excellent choice for Match Director and his experience as both a competitor and a Safety Officer at numerous competitions gives him excellent insight into what makes for a good match. Not only does his selection bode well for this inaugural national championship but it also reflects Smith & Wesson’s commitment to helping IDPA develop top flight match staff,” said Joyce Wilson, executive director for IDPA.

The Smith & Wesson IDPA Back Up Gun Nationals will feature 13 stages with a round count of 180. Registration has begun and a few slots are still available for those interested in competing. Registration is being conducted online at

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