The Bubba Report: Beast of the East – SO Day

by Editor 29. June 2013 13:23
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The Beast of the East got underway yesterday, and with our erstwhile field reporter Kitty Richards is tied up working the match, stepping in is our very own Lone Star State corespondent Terry Burba bringing you The Bubba Report.

Braving rain & thunderstorms (and even a tornado or two) the Easton, Pennsylvania area was ready to host the Beast of the East IDPA match. I left [The Republic of] Texas at 7:00am to finally arrive around 10:30pm. The range was a bit soggy in a few places, but the shooting areas had drained well and the SOs were able to get started without any delays.

Eleven stages from the warped minds of Match Director Ken Ortbach and Assistant MD Dan Jensen force shooters to really keep their heads in the game. This is an 'In Your Face' type of match requiring you to get on your sights fast and move quickly. There are a number of burn-it-down stages. And others force you to make clean accurate shots at distance.

And then there are some...well, you just hope you can hit SOMETHING! There is plenty of movement in this match; for both the shooter and the targets and non-threats.

The best I can say is, 'I survived.' I wish the same could be said for a couple of non-threat targets.

And a special note for one Lee Wills... You had better get here soon. Something seems to be happening to your pile of cookies.

There are two shooting sessions on Saturday, morning and afternoon, and one more session on Sunday still to come. Shooters are having fun and trying to stay cool. The weather has held off out of the shooting times, so we should be good for those remaining sessions.

More news to come from the next sessions. Let me leave you with a couple of pictures of the talk of the match… “Kitty & Debbie’s Tunnel of Love”

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