Crunch Time

by 17. June 2013 21:52
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Today was filled with meetings. After three years, it's all the same but I have to remember that we have a lot of first time racers that haven't heard all the information about the race, the scoring procedure and how to do the fly-bys.  It's always interesting to hear their questions and it makes me remember my first race as well.  

Its now crunch time.  We have strategized to the best of our ability and have run scenario after scenario as to what will happen with the weather and the winds.  We got our laundry done, we've eaten the last great meal that we'll probably get for the next four days and now we have replaced our baggage to take only what we barely will need. We will attempt to sleep tonight but when that alarm goes off early in the morning, we probably won't have needed it. We meet for breakfast tomorrow morning at 6am and have our last weather briefing at 6:30. We will head to the airport shortly thereafter so that we are in the planes ready to start promptly at 8 am.  We take off in our race number order.  Our team is number 30.  The tower will launch us into the air probably every 45 seconds to one minute apart. And the race will be on. 

This year we are using the SPOT trackers. You can follow us at Look for team 30. This is the first year that the race is using the trackers so it will be interesting to see how it works.  Please remember that while this is not new technology, it is new for the race.  These are electronic devices that can and/or may fail due to any number of possible causes.  Please, please do not get concerned or try to call authorities if for some reason you see our track disappear.  We will be turning the trackers off when we land and since its new, may not realize if it malfunctions or the battery dies.  We all have ELTs (electronic locator transmitters) on our planes that automatically send a signal if we are in trouble. 

Thanks for following our team.  You can also follow us on Facebook at Xxtreme Aviatrixx and on our website, 

We will keep you posted as we can. (Remember, we don't want to give our secrets away to our competitors :-))


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