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by 16. June 2013 23:38
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We are all settled in Pasco for all the pre-race activities. Getting all of our personal and airplane credentialling done on Friday gave us Saturday to have our own sort of pre-race melt down. Dianna is the best at getting us ready for the race as we took a nice long walk (long for me, around 6 miles) in the morning, and once I was convinced she wasn't trying to kill me, she scheduled us for a really nice relaxing 2 hour massage at wonderful local spa in the afternoon. We followed that with great dinner at PF Changs and called it a night. My Internet wasn't working so unfortunately I couldn't tell you about all the fun we had on Saturday.

Today started with breakfast at the hotel and a great visit with friends we met at the race two years ago.  That's one of the neat things about the race; meeting people and keeping in touch. Its a whole lot like the shooting sports, you can meet people at a match and maybe not see them for a while but catch up like it was yesterday when you do see them.

We had our first mandatory meeting this morning, it was a great safety seminar on mountain flying.  We will be flying through and around a whole bunch of really large mountains. There is a whole lot of different information to consider when flying around mountains. The plane sometimes performs differently and the winds will drive the plane differently. Add to that the fact that if you get into a dead end canyon, you may have to turn around in a space much smaller than you are used to and it can be an extremely dangerous situation.

We had lunch and then another meeting.  This year every team will be using two different tracking systems. The first is the Bad Elf GPS tracker which will track our altitude and ground track and the second is the Spot tracker which will track essentially the same information but allow you to follow us on the race route.  The website is and if you click on Air Race Classic, you can follow all of the racers. Our team is number 30 so make sure you watch for us.

We had the official start banquet this evening where they announce all of the race teams. It's fun to put names with faces and meet new racers.  It's great to see so many college teams in the race this year.

Tomorrow we have lots of meetings from safety briefings to understanding how to the fly by.  It will be a busy day. We have to do our last minute planning, our laundry and make sure we have a way to get all of our stuff to the finish line.  It's getting down to crunch time and the race is about to start. We have A plan and we think its a pretty darn good one. As always, we will keep you posted. Joyce

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